We hope that you enjoy using the Learn.ink Service and all that it offers. We designed this Fair Use Policy in order to ensure that:

a) our platform is available to all of our customers on a fair and equitable basis; and
b) our services are not used in an unreasonable manner

Your use of the Service is subject to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, this Fair Use Policy and any Commercial Terms. In the event of any inconsistency, the Commercial Terms will prevail.

We reserve the right to vary the terms of this Fair Use Policy from time to time.

In this Fair Use Policy:

a) Commercial Terms means any additional terms agreed between you and us with respect to your use of the Learn.ink Service;
b) Learn.ink, we, us or our means Farm.ink Ltd;
c) Fair Use Policy means this policy;
d) Service means the Learn.ink digital learning service accessible at the Site;
e) Site means our website found at https://learn.ink
f) Terms of Service means our terms of service located here;
g) You or Your means any customer that has a licence to use the Learn.ink Service or an authorised user of the Service

Unreasonable and excessive use
Your use of the Learn.ink Service will be unreasonable if we reasonably consider:

  • your use of the Service to be illegal, inappropriate or fraudulent;
  • your use of the Service to be contrary to the Terms of Service or Commercial Terms;
  • that you are using the Service to menace, harass or injure any person or damage anything;
  • that your use of the Service adversely affects our other customers' use of or access to the Service or our other services;
  • that you are providing access to the Service to other parties without our consent; or
  • any other activity which would not be reasonably regarded as ordinary.

Your use of the Learn.ink Service will be excessive if:

  • we reasonably consider your use to be excessive; and/or
  • you require significantly larger than normal content storage; and/or
  • you or your users generate a significantly larger than normal load on our servers; and/or
  • your use is unreasonably disproportionate when compared to other users on the same monthly plan as you.

Our rights

If we consider your use of the Learn.ink Service to be unreasonable or excessive, we may contact you to discuss changing your usage pattern so that it conforms with this Fair Use Policy. If, after we have contacted you, in our reasonable opinion we consider that your use of the Service continues to be unreasonable or excessive, we may at our sole discretion and without telling you before we do so, do any one or more of the following:

  • suspend, restrict or limit access to the Service;
  • terminate your licence to use the Service;
  • exercise any other right that we may have under the Terms of Service, under any Commercial Terms or under any law.

Your rights

In response to any contact made by us to discuss your usage of the platform, you may provide a written explanation and any supporting material to confirm fair usage. It is our intention to ensure you get value from the platform so we will carefully consider your views.

Latest update: March 21, 2022