How to select the best online training platform for Thailand in 2022

There are so many different online training tools and platforms out there that it can be difficult to know which one to choose. In this guide we'll walk you through the 8 questions you need to ask yourself when selecting the best online training platform for learners in Thailand 🇹🇭.

1. Is the platform designed for microlearning?

5 minutes is the optimum length of an online lesson
🇹🇭 Thailand
5 mins

is the optimum length of an online lesson

Traditionally online training platforms were designed to be desk-based, with learners spending upwards of an hour at a time watching training videos and completing assignments. However, the rise of microlearning is shaking up online learning in Thailand. Microlearning modules are designed to be completed on a smartphone in 3-6 minutes and can be done on-the-go (e.g. on a bus or in a waiting room).

At we found that the optimum length of a lesson in Thailand is just 5 minutes and many organisations that use are realising that short, interactive "micro-modules" can significantly improve course completion rates and knowledge rates.

2. Is the learning experience optimised for mobile?

66% of Thai web traffic comes from mobile
🇹🇭 Thailand

of all web traffic comes from mobile

Many traditional learning management systems are designed to be accessed on a desktop computer, however this is unlikely to be appropriate in a market such as Thailand. In Thailand, about 57% of all web traffic comes from a mobile device, with only 40% coming from laptops and desktops and as little as 3% coming from tablets. This means that any online training developed for Thai learners needs to be optimised for a smartphone.

3. Can the courses be shared via social channels?

Facebook is the most popular way to share training courses in Thailand
🇹🇭 Thailand

is the most popular way to share training courses

If you want to design a mobile training experience that really works then it's important to understand how your digital training platform integrates with your learner's existing smartphone usage. Data from Similarweb shows that Facebook is the most popular communication app in Thailand so it's really important that your online training can be easily shared via Line.

Even more than that, creating a learning experience that feels familiar to Line users will also increase engagement and reduce the amount of time spent training your learners how to use your app. At we've designed our lessons to emulate the familiar mobile messaging experience and act as a "conversation" between the teacher and the learner.

4. Can the training app work in Thai languages?

88 languages spoken in Thailand
🇹🇭 Thailand

languages spoken

With 88 languages spoken in Thailand, language can't be overlooked. It's important to remember that not all online training platforms support all languages and finding platforms that work in non-European languages can be a challenge. The best online training platforms will have clear options for your learners to select their language of choice and have all of the buttons, menus etc. displayed in that language.

5. Does the learning experience include gamification?

undefined of Thailand mobile owners play mobile games at least once per week
🇹🇭 Thailand

mobile gamers forecast by 2025

Gaming is big in Thailand and is growing at a rapid pace. Statista forecasts there will be 6.6m gamers in Thailand by 2025. The best online training platforms out there translate the techniques of mobile games to create a hyper-engaging learning experience. Must-have features to look for include:

  • A progress mechanism (such as points/tokens/streaks) to keep the user motivated
  • Built-in quizzes and challenges to keep the user engaged
  • Badges and certificates to collect as the user completes courses

6. Is the learning experience dependent on video?

Mobile video experience is rated 60/100 in Thailand
🇹🇭 Thailand

mobile video experience rating

While video can be an amazing way to convey lots of information, relying on video may not be the right way to go in Thailand. OpenSignal rated the "video experience" in Thailand in 2020 as just 60 out of 100. When researching online training platforms make sure you check how video is handled on a poor connection, otherwise your learner may have to put up with a lot of buffering!

7. How much will it cost?

How much will the online training cost?
🇹🇭 Thailand

How much will the online training cost?

The price of online training platforms varies hugely from free mini-tools through to bespoke learning management systems that can cost thousands of dollars per month. In our opinion the best online training platforms have three features:

  • A free tier or a free trial so that you can test out the platform before committing to payment
  • Flexible pricing that enables you to easily scale up or down based on the size of your user base and the range of features you need
  • Transparent pricing plans (with no hidden costs!)

8. What evidence is there that this online training platform is working in Thailand?

What evidence is there that it will work?
🇹🇭 Thailand

What evidence is there that it will work?

Ultimately, when it comes to online training, the proof is in the pudding. When researching the best online training platforms in Thailand make sure you look for case studies and blogs that contain real data on metrics such as course completion rates, learning outcomes and learner feedback. Even better, look for case studies and testimonials from organisations in countries like Thailand as evidence that the platform can really work for your use case.

At we're doing our best to write up detailed case studies (with real data!) and honest testimonials. We're extremely grateful to our fantastic customers and partners for sharing their valuable insights with the rest of the community.

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