Introducing for Android

Introducing for Android

The wait is over! We're delighted to announce that is now available in the Google Play Store. In this blog we'll explain what's new in the Android app version and how to make sure your learners have the best experience.

What's the difference between the web and app version?

There are two big features in the Android app version of that don't exist in the web version. Firstly once your learners have signed in to the app they can access all courses and resources offline. This means you don't have to worry about anyone running out of data or losing connection.

Secondly, the Android app version includes reminder notifications that will prompt your learners to complete courses. These reminders work offline so even if your learners are without data for days, they can carry on with their training as normal.

How do I get my learners to use the app?

The best thing to do is to carry on sharing the web links to your courses as normal. We've added lots of prompts (see below!) in the web version to show people how they can access the app version.

The reason it's best to share links to the web version is because that way you can direct your learners straight to your organisation and your courses. If your learner downloads the app without creating an account on the web then we won't know which organisation to direct them to. This means they'll need to enter your organisation's id which adds an extra (potentially confusing) step to the registration process.

Which parts of the app work offline?

Your learners will need an internet connection to download the app and sign in to their account. However, once they've signed in with their phone number, they can open the app, receive reminders and complete training courses completely offline.

One thing to note is that we don't automatically save all course content offline when a user downloads the app. This is because we know most of our users will not have unlimited data and we want to give everyone control over how they're spending it. However, as soon as a user selects a course, all of the content (messages, images etc.) for that course will be saved offline. Alternatively they can press on the Save Offline button (see below) to save specific courses offline.

How do reminder notifications work?

Once your learner has signed in to the app they will automatically receive reminder notifications if there are courses that they haven't completed. Once your learner presses on a reminder they will be directed back into the app to continue learning. These reminders work even if your learner doesn't have access to the internet or any data on their phone!

How do we make sure reminders aren't annoying?!

If your learner ignores the reminders and doesn't open the app for a few days then eventually we will stop sending them. We do this to make sure we're not overwhelming people with reminders when they're not wanted. However, as soon as your learner interacts with the app again, reminders will get switched back on. If your learners want to use the app but don't want to receive reminders then they can switch them off in the settings page on their profile.

Got more questions we haven't answered here?

There's plenty more we could say about the Android app version and we'll be answering more FAQs and writing more help docs over the next few weeks. In the meantime feel free to shoot us a message or arrange a time to chat. And if you have any feedback then please let us know - we love hearing from you!